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Nanjing Joyful Health Medical Co., LTD. is a global supplier of medical dressing, medical bandages, medical plasters, non-woven products, home care and biotechnology products since 1990s, providing professional one-stop service for medical care and home care organizations and distributors. Joyful have a strong supply chain management system and deeply cooperation with different partners from all over the world.
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customization zone
  • We care about your sports safety,
    so we support you full range of sports tape and body pads.

    Sports Support

  • Puppy training pads and self adhesive bandage give your pet more protection,
    more care and more love.

    Puppy Training & Pet Wrap

  • What works for infants,
    we totally get it and we can help.

    Baby Home Care

  • Skin friendly, support all the wounds
    comfortable feeling and quick healing.

    Wound Care

Factory view
We have well organized facilities and a trained team of highly professional and knowledgeable employees focused on our growing international business, and our products all meet standard of CE certificate and ISO13485 quality management system.
With more than 20 years of development and experience, Joyful Health Medical concentrate on our products’ improvement constantly, keep our high level of customer service, and focus on the following markets: Hospital, Clinics, Food Service, Industrial, Homecare, Government and Consumer markets.
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