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The Introduction Of Therapeutic Vacuum Cupping Set With Suction Pump

The Introduction Of Therapeutic Vacuum Cupping Set With Suction Pump

Issue Time:2021-02-03

   Therapeutic vacuum cupping, a kind of medical device, is a fire-free cupping device that uses vacuum to vacuum and negative pressure. It absorbs the advantages of traditional cupping and uses high-tech methods to overcome the shortcomings of traditional cupping, making traditional Chinese medicine an ancient cupping Fa was rejuvenated. The main feature of the vacuum cupping device is that the tank body is transparent. The negative pressure in the tank can be adjusted at will according to the patient's physical condition and condition. It is easy to observe the skin changes in the tank and grasp the cupping time. Compared with the traditional cupping, the effect is the same, but It is safer to use, no worry of scalding, easy to operate, and not easy to break, so it is not only suitable for hospitals, but also more widely used for families. 


Therapeutic cups were called cupping because they used fire to generate negative pressure in ancient times. Therapeutic cups therapy is one of the medical heritage of our country, and it is also called angle method in ancient books. It has been used in our country for a long time.


1. New material, not easily broken, exquisite, easy to carry;

2. No fire or electricity, no worries of burning or burns;

3. The vacuum gun can be used to adjust the negative pressure value;

4. Single-person operation with connectors;

5. With the aid of special-shaped cans, rubber rings, glue and other items, it can be used on any part of the body;

6. Randomly select all parts of the body;

7. Various methods such as sitting tank method and flash tank method can be operated. 


Good sealing: the compression spring is installed in the exhaust cylinder on the magnetic needle, and the valve and air-tight core will automatically close after the can is pulled out, avoiding air leakage;

Relieve pain: according to the human body shape, the mouth of the jar adopts a special design of a wide-sided arc shape, and the shape of the cupping device body adopts a traditional cupping (glass jar) shape. The mouth of the jar is a wide-sided arc shape, smooth and round, and has a large contact surface with the skin. This design alleviates the pain during cupping and increases the comfort when walking;

Easy to carry: the body of therapeutic cups is made of special engineering plastics through a special process, and it will not break even if it collides with it. Small size, light weight, easy to carry, suitable for business trips, tourism and field workers. 

Performance safety: the therapeutic vacuum cupping rotary piston exhaust method replaces the traditional ignition exhaust method. There is no worry of scalding, safe and reliable, which greatly facilitates the use of the people, and is suitable for both hospitals and families. And it's easier to pick up cans. 

Easy to observe: the tank body is made of non-toxic transparent engineering plastic, which makes it easy to observe the skin condition in the tank and to grasp the therapeutic vacuum cupping time. 

Easy to operate: the negative pressure in the tank can be adjusted freely according to the patient's tolerance and condition, making it simpler and more convenient to use. You can understand it at first glance and learn it at a glance. It can be mastered by all ages. 


How to use: Choose a suitable size tank and a comfortable position. Lift the top piston of the selected tank to ensure ventilation. After gently covering the top piston of the tank with the vacuum muzzle, pull the rod vertically several times. , To the cupping site where the skin bulges, the patient can tolerate it to a degree. After the canister is adsorbed on the body surface, gently rotate the negative pressure muzzle left and right to back down, and lightly press the canister piston to prevent air leakage; mention at the end of the treatment Just click the piston on the top of the tank, and the treatment time is 10 minutes. Connectors can be used in areas where a single person cannot directly cupping (such as the spine and waist). 

1. Choose acupuncture points according to the condition of the disease, and refer to the acupuncture points indicated in the acupoint selection diagram for treatment. They are located on the front and back midline of the human body. The acupuncture point on the second channel of the Du is a single point. The other acupoints are arranged symmetrically. Only one side is indicated in the chart, and both acupoints should be used in treatment. When selecting acupuncture points, it can be divided into two groups according to the acupoints listed in the treatment reference point selection, and one group is used in rotation every day.

2. Choose appropriate tanks and a comfortable position (can be divided into sitting position, supine, side lying and prone position).

3. Lift up the top piston of the selected tank to ensure ventilation.

4. After gently covering the negative pressure muzzle with the piston on the top of the tank, pull the rod vertically and quickly several times until the skin in the cupping bulges, which can be tolerated by the patient.

5. Connectors can be used in parts that cannot be cupped directly (such as the spine and waist). Connector installation method: first connect the big end of the connecting rod at one end of the connector to the large hole of the spare front mouth, and then connect the small end of the connecting rod at the other end to the negative pressure muzzle to make it into one body, and then the front mouth and the cupping piston Put the heads together and place the therapeutic vacuum cupping on the area that needs treatment.

6. After the canister is adsorbed on the body surface, gently rotate the negative pressure muzzle left and right to back down, and press the canister piston to prevent air leakage.

7. Just lift the piston at the end of the treatment.

8. Routinely wipe the therapeutic vacuum cupping with disinfectant and alcohol cotton after use. Do not soak, boil or heat treatment, etc.

9. When the therapeutic cups therapy cannot be pulled out, please check whether the rubber plug in the cupping is tightly sealed, whether the connection between the negative pressure gun and the therapeutic cupping set is too tight, whether the negative pressure gun and the therapeutic cupping set are vertical, and whether the negative pressure gun and cupping exert excessive pressure on the skin Precautions for therapeutic cupping set. 

Color reflection 

1. The pot mark is purple, black and dark: it generally indicates insufficient blood supply, blood stasis due to poor menstruation.

2. The can is printed with purple and accompanied by plaque: it generally indicates cold coagulation and blood stasis.

3. The can prints are scattered in purple dots, and the depth is one, which means stagnation of Qi and blood stasis.

4. The pot seal is bright red and bright: it generally means yin deficiency, qi and blood deficiency, or yin deficiency and fire.

5. The pot print is red and dark: it means high blood fat and heat evil.

6. The pot print is gray and white, not warm to the touch, mostly due to cold or dampness.

7. Skin lines or slight itching on the surface of the can: it means wind evil or dampness.

8. Moisture on the inner wall of the tank: it means that there is moisture in the part.

9. The appearance of blisters on the can indicates heavy moisture in the body. If there is blood in the blisters, it is a reaction of damp heat and poison.

10. The local area quickly returns to its original color, indicating no symptoms or quick recovery.


1. When therapeutic vacuum cupping, you should choose an appropriate position and a place with full muscles, smooth skin, and no hair. According to the required cupping site, choose different specifications of pots. If you really need to cup on uneven and hairy parts, you can use a good dough ring Place it under the cupping port to prevent air leakage or choose special-shaped cupping. (Sold separately) For dry skin, moisturize the skin before therapeutic vacuum cupping.

2. In the first treatment, the patient should use small therapeutic cupping set first, and use cupping for light stimulation.

3. Do not move your body position after unplugging the jar. When using multi-cupping therapy, keep a certain distance between cupping and cupping, and should not arrange them too close.

4. Acute high fever, coma, convulsions, etc., critically ill patients should be clearly diagnosed first to avoid delaying the timing of rescue treatment

5. After lifting the can, the local flushing and itching should not be scratched, and it can dissipate after a few hours or days.

6. The appearance of blisters, water droplets, bleeding spots, congestion and other phenomena on the local skin after canning is a normal treatment response. People with mild blisters only need to prevent abrasion and wait for it to be absorbed naturally; when blisters are large, it often indicates a serious condition. The root of the blister can be pierced with a disinfectant needle to drain water, and disinfect gauze can be used to prevent infection.

7. When the patient is mentally stressed, hungry, improperly positioned, or cupping suction is too strong, the patient sometimes suddenly appears pale, nausea, vomiting, sweating, palpitation, cold limbs, heavy pulse, or even coma, and blue lips. , Incontinence of the second bowel, faint pulses, etc. This is a halos, so you should immediately lift the can, make the patient lie supine, pay attention to keep warm, lighter rest for a while, drink warm boiled water or sugar water to recover; severer after the above treatment If it still does not relieve, consider cooperating with other treatments or adopt first aid measures.

8. After pulling out the cupping, ask the patient how he feels. If there is fever, tightness, cold air going out, warm and comfortable feelings are normal reactions. If the patient feels too tight and burning. The discomfort may be that the suction force is too large or the cupping is not suitable here, or the small cupping is used instead.

9. Therapeutic vacuum cupping, keep the room warm when starting, avoid the wind vents to prevent cold. 

Preservation method 

1. After therapeutic vacuum cupping set with suction pump is used, wipe it with cotton moistened with alcohol.

2. If necessary, sterilize in boiling water. When sterilizing in boiling water, remove the lid on the jar. The water temperature should not exceed 100 degrees, and should not exceed 5 minutes when placed in boiling water.

3. After disinfection, when the lid is closed, put some water on the lid.

4. After washing, keep it in a well-ventilated place. 

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