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Fighting against COVID 19--China's vaccines arrive in many countries, safety and effectiveness are recognized by many parties

Fighting against COVID 19--China's vaccines arrive in many countries, safety and effectiveness are recognized by many parties

Issue Time:2021-03-31

    China News Agency, Beijing, March 30th. Comprehensive news: Recently, Chinese vaccines have been delivered to many countries around the world, with a total supply of more than 100 million doses. Many politicians and celebrities have taken the lead in vaccinating Chinese vaccines, and its safety and effectiveness have been increasing. National recognition.

(On March 30th, Beijing time, China's aid and export of the new crown vaccine to Ethiopia departed from Beijing.)

China's global supply of vaccines exceeds 100 million doses

    China was the first to promise to make vaccines as a global public product, and actively promote drug and vaccine research and development cooperation, bringing hope to developing countries suffering from the epidemic. According to statistics, as of mid-March 2021, China is or will provide vaccine assistance to 80 countries and 3 international organizations, and more than 60 countries around the world have approved China's vaccine registration or emergency use.

   On March 26, the cumulative global supply of two Chinese-made COVID-19 vaccines from Sinopharm Beijing Institute of Biological Products and Wuhan Institute of Biological Products exceeded 100 million doses.

On March 2, local time, the famous Brazilian football player Pele posted a photo of the new crown vaccine on his social media account. According to reports, Pele, now 80, was vaccinated in Brazil with the new crown vaccine developed by China.

Multinational political figures and celebrities choose Chinese vaccine

    Political dignitaries and celebrities from many countries took the lead in vaccinating China and used practical actions to cast a vote of confidence in China's vaccines.

   On the 29th local time, the 67-year-old Brazilian Vice President Moran was vaccinated with the Chinese Coxing New Crown vaccine in the capital Brasilia. After the vaccination, he posted on social media, “I received the first dose of Kerlafore new crown vaccine today and fulfilled my obligations as a Brazilian citizen. I hope that most people in Brazil can get the vaccine as soon as possible.

    Earlier, Brazil’s “ball king” Pele, former Brazilian Presidents Sarne, Cardoso, Lula, Rousseff and Temer, and Brazilian Economy Minister Paulo Guedes had all been vaccinated against China’s Coxing New Crown vaccine. .

    Uruguayan President La Calle was vaccinated with the new crown vaccine developed by China Kexing Company in a public hospital in the capital Montevideo on the 29th. La Calle said that what Uruguay needs to do now is to continue to promote vaccination.

    On the 29th local time, Niger officially launched China's aid to the new crown vaccination work in the capital Niamey. Prime Minister Rafini of Niger received the first dose of Chinese vaccine at the scene. In an interview, Rafini said that he was diagnosed with the new crown virus at the end of last year, and he knew the harm of the virus to human health and called on the public to actively participate in vaccination.

    President Mnangagwa of Zimbabwe was vaccinated on the 24th in the tourist city of Victoria Falls, the country’s tourist city, with the new crown vaccine produced by China Kexing Company. He was also the first Kexing Company vaccinator in Zimbabwe. In the same day, leaders of the Zimbabwe opposition party were also vaccinated. As early as the 18th of this month, Vice President Chiwenga of Zimbabwe had received a second shot of the Chinese vaccine.


On the morning of March 29th, local time, Philippine Airlines flight PR361 was loading the first batch of Coxing vaccines purchased from China by the Philippine government, which is highly concerned by the entire Philippines. At 4 pm that day, the batch of vaccines arrived at the Vilamour military base in Manila. Photo courtesy of Philippine Airlines issued by China News Service.

China's vaccines arrive in three countries within one day

    On the morning of the 29th, the Nepalese government dispatched a chartered flight to transport the new crown vaccine aided by the Chinese government to the Nepalese government back to Kathmandu. This is also the first large-scale entry of Chinese vaccines into Nepal. Prime Minister Oli of Nepal, Minister of Foreign Affairs Jawali and other dignitaries attended the handover ceremony held at the Prime Minister's residence in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal.

    Oli said that the Nigerian government sincerely thanks the Chinese government for its generous donation. He also said that China's efforts to fight the new crown virus are worthy of appreciation, and the successful experience is worth learning from other countries.

    Around 4 pm on the 29th, the first batch of Coxing vaccine purchased by the Philippines from China arrived in the capital, Manila. Philippine President Duterte led government officials to personally greet them at the airport.

    At the welcoming ceremony, Duterte expressed his heartfelt thanks to China for assisting the Philippines in purchasing Coxing Vaccine. Philippine Health Minister Duque told the media that under the current severe background of the epidemic situation, the arrival of these vaccines at the right time will provide effective protection for Philippine medical workers and will also help the Philippines to start a universal vaccination program as soon as possible. Prior to this, the Chinese government had provided two batches of vaccines to the Philippines on February 28 and March 24 respectively.

    On the same day, the new crown vaccine aided by the Chinese government to Palestine arrived in the Palestinian city of Ramallah.

    Palestinian Minister of Health Mai Keira said at the handover ceremony that after the outbreak in the country, China took the lead in extending a helping hand, fully demonstrating that China is Palestine’s most reliable and trustworthy good friend, good brother, and good partner. He also appreciated China's firm fulfillment of its commitment to make vaccines as a global public product and its noble act of providing selfless help to developing countries.

Many countries recognize Chinese vaccines

    From February 24 to March 23, the new crown vaccine produced by China National Pharmaceutical Group has been put into use in Hungary for a month, and the country's vaccination rate has been close to 17%, far exceeding the EU average.

    Professor Myrkei Bella, president of Semmelves Medical University in Hungary, said in an interview recently that China-made vaccines are extremely safe. For a month, the country has not reported any serious adverse reactions after vaccination. According to McKee, in addition to being safe and effective, the Sinopharm vaccine is also convenient to store and easy to promote to smaller vaccination sites or family doctors across the country, which can alleviate the pressure on the medical system, especially hospitals, from the vaccination work.

   Venezuelan President Maduro announced on the social networking site earlier this month that the Chinese vaccine had arrived in Venezuela, stating that "this is good news full of hope, and we will begin mass vaccination of the people immediately." Prior to this, Maduro has repeatedly praised the safety and reliability of China's vaccines.

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