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Why do athletes use kinesiology tape on their bodies? What is it for?

Why do athletes use kinesiology tape on their bodies? What is it for?

Issue Time:2021-04-28

      We don’t know if you have noticed such an interesting thing when watching a lot of sports events, that is, every athlete will have some tape wrapped around his body, so have you understood the usage of those tapes?

      The professional name of this kind of tape is called kinesiology tape, which is commonly referred to as sports tape. This kind of patch does not actually contain glue, nor does it contain any pharmaceutical ingredients. Therefore, the Olympic Games did not prohibit countries from using this patch. But many friends have raised their own doubts: the athletes are doing such strenuous exercise, and this kind of patch does not contain glue, can it not fall? In fact, this is related to its own design. The back of this patch is full of wavy textures, and these textures are entirely made of fibers to imitate human beings. As long as the athlete puts it on, the patch will immediately retract and stick firmly to the body. Not only that, the pulling force generated by its retraction will keep the athlete's muscles and fascia in a state of exertion, so that they cannot produce lactic acid. Everyone knows that the soreness of the muscles is caused by the secretion of lactic acid from the muscles. In this way, the athletes will maintain a better condition and achieve better results on the court.

     Because kinesiology athletic tape has a relatively large fiber, it has good air permeability. So now it is not only used in the arena, but also has its place in the medical field. Many hospitals have taken advantage of its strong toughness and good air permeability to treat some patients' muscle injuries. Especially for people who do not exercise regularly but suffer from joint pain, this kind of patch can effectively relieve pain. If your family happens to have troubles in this area, you can try. And this kind of patch is now also used in clinical rehabilitation and other fields.

     Kinesiology sports tape originally originated in Japan in the 1970s, and its original purpose was to relieve pain and prevent injuries after strenuous exercise. But to say that the real development has begun, it is still widely used in European and American countries. In my country, the real understanding and application of this kind of patch still started in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

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