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How to use Alginate dressing ?

How to use Alginate dressing ?

Issue Time:2021-07-05

    The main component of alginate wound dressing is calcium alginate, which is natural cellulose extracted from seaweed. It is mainly used for the care of superficial wounds. Covering the wound surface can effectively absorb excess wound exudate and promote wound healing.

      1. The use of alginate has strict requirements on wounds. It is suitable for superficial wounds or sinus tracts. It is not suitable for wounds with a certain depth. Because the dressing cannot touch the inside of the wound, it can absorb excess wound exudate when applied to the wound. Maintaining good wettability and sealing is beneficial to the growth of granulation tissue and the regeneration and repair of capillaries.

     2. Before use, make sure that the wound is clean and free of slough and necrosis. If there are black scabs, slough, and viscous pus, it should be debrided to keep the wound flat and clean before covering the wound with alginate.

     3. First clean the wound with physiological salt, dry the surface of the wound with a cotton ball, cut the alginate dressing according to the size of the wound, gently cover the wound surface, make the dressing fit the bottom of the wound, and then fix it with sterile gauze. 

     4. At the beginning of wound repair, the alginate dressing should be changed once a day. When the inflammation of the wound is controlled, the exudate is reduced, and the granulation begins to form, reduce the frequency of dressing replacement.

     5. When the alginate dressing is saturated with exudate, it means that its water absorption is basically saturated and needs to be replaced in time. Generally speaking, the dressing should not be replaced for more than seven days at the longest.

     6. Sinus and abscess cavity wounds need to be tailored according to the caliber, so that they can be filled into the sinus, drain the exudate inside the wound, and drain it out of the body. It can also be used with bedsore cream and Fuyuan cream for antibacterial Nursing and repairing muscles, make the ointment fully contact the inner wall of the wound.

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