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The introduction of Acne Patch

The introduction of Acne Patch

Issue Time:2021-07-12

    Principle: Acne patch is based on a special hydrophilic hydrocolloid as the main raw material. This raw material can absorb secretions after being attached to the acne and help to calm the acne. And it can reduce the chance of bacterial infection, which is more suitable for inflamed acne.

    Features: After absorbing the secretion, the color will turn white. If the pimple invisible patch has turned white completely, it must be replaced immediately. After cleaning the acne area every day, after the skin is completely dry, observe the recovery of the acne before applying it.

    Instructions: Clean the entire area of the acne, take an appropriate size acne plaster, take the acne opening as the center point, according to the size of the acne, take a suitable size of acne invisible patch. Put the acne invisible patch on the acne, because the acne invisible patch can absorb the secretions, so it can accelerate the recovery of the acne. If you need to apply ointment, please apply the ointment first, and then apply it after the ointment is absorbed; most acne ointments are oily in nature, it is recommended not to apply too much, otherwise it will affect the adhesion effect of the acne invisible paste. The sticker is transparent, so you can put a foundation on it, which is very suitable for use before makeup. It is recommended to use it at night and it will be effective the next day. It is really obvious.

    Precautions: If it takes less than a day, the hydrophilic wound dressing acne has completely turned white, and it can be replaced immediately. When observing, please note that if the acne has healed or there is no change, there is no need to paste it again.The large ones are not as easy to use as the small ones, mainly for small acne, the effect of large acne is not obvious. Most of the acne scars are formed after repeated squeezing, so it is best not to squeeze the acne on the face improperly. In addition, to prevent acne scars from appearing, you must also pay attention to sun protection, otherwise it is easy to form spots on the face. If your acne presents symptoms of infection, such as redness, swelling, heat, pain, and yellow-green discharge, use it as directed by your doctor.

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