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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, but prevent and control the epidemic of COVID-19

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, but prevent and control the epidemic of COVID-19

Issue Time:2021-09-18

     Annual Mid-Autumn Festival holiday (September 19th-21st,2021) is coming soon. All the people feel excited, but the COVID-19 did not go away, Can we go out to travel ? During the epidemic, what to pay attention to when traveling?


      Before you travel:

    ● Make itinerary arrangements, apply for or update the destination health code, and pay attention to local real-time epidemic changes and prevention and control measures. If you are in a medium-high-risk area, you cannot travel. If your     
       location is a medium-high-risk area, you cannot travel.

   ● Prepare sufficient anti-COVID-19 materials like disposable face mask, N95 surgical mask and emergency medicines.

   ● If the body permits, vaccinate the COVID-19 vaccine throughout the course.

   ● During the Mid-Autumn Festival, gatherings and gatherings are not recommended, especially to avoid large-scale gatherings.

    On the way:
   ● Consciously comply with and actively cooperate with the various epidemic prevention and control measures at the destination.

   ● Wear a disposable surgical mask or KN95 mask correctly when you are in indoor or outdoor crowded public places, when taking public transportation, or when you are in close contact with other people. Do good hand hygiene throughout the entire process.

   ● To purchase tickets for visits and excursions, choose online real-name reservation or ticket purchase.

   ● When watching performances and movies, you should be seated and keep a safe distance. It is recommended that the time be no more than two hours.

   ● When the restaurant is not dining, you should wear a disposable face mask or N95 surgical mask correctly and use public chopsticks and spoons when dining. It is recommended that the dining time does not exceed two hours.

   ● Reasonably arrange the itinerary and keep the bills, and keep a record of the itinerary.

   ● Do a good job of health monitoring.

    After traveling:
  ● Continue to do a 14-day health monitoring, go to the nearest fever clinic in time for abnormal symptoms, and actively inform the relevant travel history.

  ● Pay attention to real-time epidemic changes in travel destinations. If there is a risk level change, actively report to the community and the unit, and cooperate with corresponding control measures.

     Happy mid-autumn holiday !

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