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2021 National Day holiday schedule: October 1st to 7th

2021 National Day holiday schedule: October 1st to 7th

Issue Time:2021-09-27

     The General Office of the Beijing Municipal People's Government announced the National Day holiday arrangements for 2021: "Friday" and "Thursday" holidays from October 1st to 7th. It will be closed for 7 days. September 26th and October 9th will work on Saturdays.

     During the holidays, all localities and departments must properly arrange on-duty work and safety guarantees. When a major emergency and sensitive event occurs, it should be reported and dealt with in a timely manner to ensure that the people spend the holidays in peace and safety.

     For the upcoming National Day holidays, how can people travel safely?

    Many members of the public also have travel plans and arrangements, but in the current severe situation of the COVID-19 in the world, we still exert great pressure on external preventive imports. Therefore, in this case, we remind the public to strengthen the root cause of the epidemic prevention and control and maintain a certain degree of vigilance when traveling. In addition, during the holidays, we do not advocate gatherings and gatherings, especially large-scale gatherings. If the location is a medium to high risk area, you will not be able to travel. Everyone should take personal protection during travel, including wearing disposable face mask or kn95 mask washing hands frequently, maintaining hygiene, keeping social distance, and not gathering together or gathering together.


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